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Our Champagnes

Blanc de Blancs Collection

Our collection of Blanc de Blancs Vintages, made from a selection among the best Chardonnay grapes, are known for their freshness and finesse and are emblematic of the Telmont House.

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In nomine terrae

We respect terroir unconditionally. We are attentive to it, and ever more attuned to our vineyards in order to better understand each grape.

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A Family Story

Maison Telmont

A house seeped in ancestral know-how. Since 1912, four generations of winegrowers and winemakers passed down a vision, passion, and savoir-faire that is based in a commitment to terroir and mastery of the art of wine making.

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    A legacy of craftsmanship

    "We tend to the vine throughout the year, believing that every step in the production process is of equal importance."


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