• Bertrand L'hôpital in the cellars of Telmont


From Vision to Reality

Born from an avant-garde vision, the Maison Telmont was created in 1912.


Champagne Riots

Henri Lhôpital makes history. During the Champagne Riots, he composes the song “Gloire au Champagne,” urging winemakers to uphold Champagne’s high standards of quality. 

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Henri Lhôpital

The Champagne riots drive Henri Lhôpital to create his own champagne house, under his name.


André Lhôpital

André Lhôpital becomes Cellar Master following the death of his father.



André joins the second regiment of the ‘Cuirassiers’, the oldest surviving calvary regiment in the French army, dating back to the XVIIth century. Telmont’s logo and values honor the Cuirassiers’ insignia.


Champagne de Telmont

André returns to Champagne to develop his father’s legacy and baptizes the brand: Champagne de Telmont, after the name of one of his best plots.



Champagne de Telmont relocates to 1 Avenue de Champagne, Damery, at the base of the vineyard. It remains Telmont’s address to this day.


Serge Lhôpital

André’s son, Serge, takes over Champagne de Telmont, where he continues his father’s legacy and serves as Deputy Mayor and Mayor of Damery for 18 years.


Bertrand and Pascale Lhôpital

Serge hands over the house to his children, Bertrand and Pascale, who carry on their family’s values, with an even deeper care for their land.



Telmont creates a unique tourism experience: “24 hours in the vineyard” to expand the experiential offer available in the Champagne region. Telmont since developed 5 other workshops, including the unique, award-winning: “Oenologist Workshop” which enables visitors to create their own bespoke champagne blend, under the tutelage of the Cellar Master Bertrand himself, which they will be able to enjoy after a few years of aging.


Organic Certification

Telmont receives its first organic certification for certain sections of the house’s vineyard, rewarding a decade of hard work and dedication.


Rémy Cointreau

French family-owned spirits group, Rémy Cointreau, becomes majority shareholder of Telmont. This purchase was driven by shared values and a common vision. The future of the House will be built alongside Bertrand Lhôpital who remains Cellar Master and Head of Viticulture at Telmont.



Telmont launches its first certified organic cuvée: Réserve de la Terre, the result of a decade of passion and determination. Telmont is setting new standards for its production: no more transparent bottles, no more packaging and innovative labels.



100% of Telmont Estate’s vines will be certified in organic agriculture.


Our future ambition

100% of our winegrower partners will be certified in organic agriculture by 2031. Telmont will confirm its leadership in organic agriculture.

In the Name of
Mother Nature

Our soil is our legacy.

We respect terroir unconditionally. A great wine must be a gift from nature, intimately cherished and protected.

  • 1911
  • 1947
  • 2017
  • 2031

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